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The Kringle/KLUV Goodwill project for Nigeria took place on 21st May, 2022. The event was held at a Physically Challenged People’s Camp in a village called Karamajiji in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.


Initially, the 4-man organizing committee had identified an Internally Displaced People’s Camp at a location called Kuchigoro. But after several visits to the camp, the hostility of the community members and the lack of cooperation on the part of the community leaders left us no choice than to seek out another community.
Hence the identification of the Physically Challenged People’s Camp in Karamajiji, the community is mainly inhabited by over 3,000 people, both men, women and children with various forms of disabilities, like the blind, the lame and the crippled. These people were obviously living a life of abject poverty and complete hopelessness! It was, therefore a good choice for this goodwill project.
Right from our first visit the community leaders and members welcomed us wholeheartedly. They were excited about our visit and were very cooperative in assisting us with all the necessary arrangements we needed to make. They were asked to draw up a list of 360 beneficiaries that will be allowed into the premises to avoid any form of rowdiness or stampede.

The community assisted the organizing committee to select some able bodied men among them to serve in different capacities at the event:

1. Leaders – Six community leaders were identified. These ones wore the black Kringle/KLUV T-Shirts. Their responsibility was to help coordinate all the activities to ensure only those earmarked as beneficiaries were allowed into the premises.

2. Helpers – 10 able bodied men were selected as “helpers”; they wore the red Kringle/KLUV T-Shirts. Their job was to help offload the goods from the trucks, pack the goods into a storehouse, bring out and arrange the goods on the day of the event, help in the distribution of the goods to the selected beneficiaries.

3. Security (Police and Local Vigilante) – their role was to help maintain law and order in the premises of the event, to avoid any form of commotion and ward off uninterrupted intruders.

4. The goodwill project organizing committee members – there were 4 of us, we wore the white Kringle/KLUV T-Shirts, we handled the planning and execution of the event.

The event went as planned and without any hitches, the beneficiaries sat patiently and waited for their turns to receive the items that were distributed to them. Each beneficiary got 1 bag of 10kg rice, 1 carton of Noodles and 4 measures of garri (a local popular food in Nigeria made from cassava).

The outpouring of excitement expressed by the beneficiaries was heart-touching and mind blowing. Intermittently they kept chanting AMBASSADOR!! AMBASSADOR!! AMBASSADOR!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY. Those who could dance danced on their wheelchairs, others could barely contain their excitement.

The community leaders took turns to appreciate the members of the organizing committee and the man behind the mask – the Kringle Amin, they were unanimous in ascertaining that never in their lives have they experienced such magnitude of love.

The pictures and the videos may not have captured effectively the impact of this goodwill project in the lives of these helpless physically challenged individuals, but suffice it to say that it was a worthwhile outreach. The Nigerian Kringle Community heartily appreciates Kringle Admin for this generous gesture. LONG LIVE KRINGLE ADMIN, LONG LIVE KRINGLE COMMUNITY, LONG LIVE GOODWILL PROGRAMS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Collectively, we will lift humanity out of the Morass of Poverty, Misery and Lack, into a World built of the Principle of Abundance for ALL.

Cheers and God bless you all.

Event Photos in ABUJA – NIGERIA

Here are the videos from the event.