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Syed Rahman has accepted the calling to become the newest Goodwill Ambassador for India.

It only took a month since the launch of the KLUV Coin and that with less than 1,000 people that have bought it, we raised $20,000. ($10,000 was used in Ivory Coast in February). That's amazing; KLUV has already raised $20,000 to buy food for the needy under the Kringle Society Goodwill program. $10,000 of food will be distributed to the poor and needy of an area of India on March 26th, 2022.

Click Here for Sir Excellency's Goodwill Report

$10,000 of BNB was sent to Ambassador Syed Rahman of India on March 20th, 2022 to purchase food: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x8205485d543fd33bdeeaa4163335bab336a80098673c1c97f068a1249e7a078f



First of all I would like to Submit my first ever official report as one of the Kringle Goodwill Ambassador of India , And I also would like to thank the Kringle Admin for appointing me one of the Kringle Goodwill Ambassador in the Kringle community, for giving me this opportunity, my team and myself are so grateful and thanks to kismet international (KLUV), we would always please to serve the community in the days to come.

My team and myself have work in a short period, because of the Holi festival in India, tough all the agency are close, we started to manage to reach out. We manage working from 24th March 2022, same day on 24th March we called a meeting of all the Kringle community leaders and to make a new working committee for the Goodwill mission and on the same day we manage to buy foods items and we had given press conference meeting on the next day on 25th March we manage to pack food items and we had accordingly distributed to 450 persons irrespective of caste, creed, and religion in the valley of Imphal Manipur. The needy people including of blind, disable and widows and marginalized people etc.

Therefore, It should be noted that the Kringle Administrator sent fund worth $10.000 to feed the needy people in the society.

And last 26th March 2022 we are delighted to share these to vulnerable people and destitute people for the 1st time in life place in Imphal East, kongba kshetri Leikai Manipur 450 persons included Orphan , Handicapped, Blind, Dump and widowed who is in a pathetic life. Presented 50kg of rice and (one liter eatable oil , 1kg masori dal,1kg chana dal, 1kg alu,1kg onion , 1kg salt, 1kg sugar, 250gms tea, and 250gms dry fist) all in one packet.

2nd Event on 3rd March 2022 at B.B Paul Mental Development Home (Special School) is located in Rural Areas of Imphal West District, Manipur India. The member presented in the conference were around 50 mentally disable orphanage, there we present 25kgs x 5begs of rice and eatable item packet 15 nos.

Committee in India being led by Mr. Syed Rahman

Kringle Goodwill report for India by our Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Syed Rahman

Rice bags Distribution Helping our Kringle Community Leaders

2nd Event on 3rd March, 2022 at B.B. Paul Special School for mentally Disable persons

Events' Press Conference

Videos for the event in India