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India Gets Second Round of Goodwill this September

Is India taking over Kringle? The recent growth of the Kringle Community in India can NOT be ignored! We currently have over 18,000 Active Members in the world and thousands of them come from India.
We must support the strength we find within this Kringle community and that is why it makes sense to do Round 2 of Goodwill in India. We only have about 3,000 Holders of the KLUV coin and this second round of Goodwill will mean that we have raised the total amount of money for Goodwill to $100,000.00 within the first 7 months of the existence of the KLUV coin. THAT'S AMAZING! $10,000.00 of that will be spent on food to feed the poor again in India on September 24th, 2022.

$10,000 of BNB was sent to Ambassador Syed Rahman of India on September 19th, 2022 to purchase food: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x2133c307b16bf9f301ca500ccc1b90cf5e87445489aae0fcd661ed31602307d0

Kringle Goodwill report for India by Syed Rahman, Ambassador of India

Our Goodwill event in Imphal West District, Manipur, India took place on 24th September 2022 was a remarkable day of the Country. Rickshaw driver, disable person including blind, deaf, orthopedic handicap person, widow and orphan are benefited by the Goodwill Mission, Manipur.

Goodwill Mission, India received a total of 520 persons from the Kluv. 50 kgs of rice bags, 1 litre refine oil, 1 kg potato, 1 kg onion, 1 kg sugar, 250 gm tealeaf, 1 kg Masoor dal, 1 kg of dry peanut, ½ kg GISKAA Black Lentils Nuggets (Local name bori) and 1 kg salt was distributed to 520 persons. The meeting was preceded by State Committee under the leadership of United Kringle, Manipur India.

Local youth club of Langthabal Lep where the meeting was conducted, with its volunteer supported the meeting. All the recipients were very happy as because there is no one to support to them except Kringle and KLUV. We the Kringle Community Manipur India thankful the admin of Kringle and Kismet International Ltd for supporting to needy people of India to achieve the goal of Kringle.

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September 24 Event Photos

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