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Cameroon Gets Second Round of Goodwill this April

With over 600 Members of the Core Team coming from Cameroon they deserve a second round of Goodwill lead by one of the original Ambassadors Mbeh Derick. CONGRATULATIONS CAMEROON! In less than 9 weeks KLUV has been able to pull out $40,000.00 from the market to support the Goodwill Efforts of the Kringle Society. $10,000.00 of that will be spent on food to feed the poor in Cameroon on April 30th, 2022.

$10,000 of BNB was sent to Ambassador Mbeh Derick of Cameroon on April 23rd, 2022 to purchase food: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xe5c596abcad16a5c03eb367981283021d7394a7f7e558919a8e9e81370bd673e


Kringle Goodwill report for Cameroon by Mbeh Derick

Our Goodwill event in Cameroon that took place on the 30th of April was such a memorable moment for the people in Douala- Cameroon. we had the blind, dumb, deaf crippled, people with special disabilities, struggling parents and orphans.

We had a total of 500 persons receive food from the Kluv . we gave them 500bags of 10kg of rice each bag per person and cooking oil, a bottle per person, Half a dozen of washing soap per person as well as 2kg of (garri ) locally made fast food per person.This meeting was preceded by our Divisional delegate for social affairs and some top government officials.

The receivers were so happy and expressed words of gratitude and blessings to kris kringle and kismet love. My team and I also want to thank the Kringle Admin who made all these possible and we pray that may God continue to bless him with wisdom and strength to continue this great mission.

Kluv shares, Kluv cares.


Event Photos in Douala - Cameroon( Distribution, Perfomances and Ceremony

Official Videos of the event in Cameroon