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Token Name: Kismet Love
Symbol: KLUV
Decimals: 8

Kismet International Limited Coin Development has established a Public/Private Partnership with the Kringle Society to support their Goodwill efforts in the world. Within this partnership arrangement members of the Kringle Society will pay all of their Program Fees using the KLUV Token starting in the first quarter of 2022. As the KLUV Token grows in popularity within the market and as funding increases, Kismet International Limited will supply funds to support Goodwill Projects of the Kringle Society. The Kringle Society has long ago set their objective of gathering a Billion people to be a part of their Private Society with the mission to end poverty globally. 1,000,000,000 KLUV Tokens have been locked on day one as a reward to those builders within the Kringle Society for achieving this objective of gathering a billion people together which will bring mutual benefits within this Public/Private Partnership.

Kismet means DESTINY. May the destiny we form within this Public/Private Partnership lead to world peace and happiness for all.